The science of dosage form design, deals with the processing of a New Chemical Entity (NCE) into a safe and effective formulation. A student develops his thought processes towards formulation development through the study of the various topics contained in the subjects of Physical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Cosmeticology, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Course material content comprising of theory and practicals in each of the above mentioned subjects trains the students in procedures for drug and formulation development as well as the operations of an industrial setup.


The department is supported with a well-equipped Machine Room.

FACULTY – Department of Pharmaceutics

Name Designation
Dr. Govind S. Asane Vice Principal & Professor
Dr. (Mrs.) Norma L. Rebello
HOD & Associate Professor
Mrs. Vrushali N. Gokhale Assistant Professor
Ms. Meeta N. Jain Assistant Professor
Mr. Amol D. Gholap Assistant Professor
Ms. Della Verghese Assistant Professor
Mr. Prashant B. Dalvi Assistant Professor
Ms. Nisha Vijayan K Assistant Professor
Mr. Melroy M. D’sa Assistant Professor


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