Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias presides over the Graduation Day at St. John’s Campus, Palghar

Graduation Day is the most awaited moment in students’ life. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of the past & big dreams for the future. Graduation is the first step on the ladder of success.

St. John Technical Campus held its 3rd Graduation Day on 7th February 2015. Mr. Walter Vieira, the President of Marketing Advisory Services Group was the Chief Guest & Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias, Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai presided over the function.

A total of three hundred and fifty students attended this function. The University toppers (rank - 7th in B.E. Civil, 4th and 5th in B.Pharm) lead the groups to collect their respective graduation certificates.

Bishop Agnelo congratulated the students for achieving their graduation degrees. He compared his visit to St. John Campus with the famous slogan of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar “veni, vidi, vici” (“I came, I saw, I overcame”). He appreciated the Chairman, Mr. Albert W. D’Souza for his vision and for working towards turning his dreams into reality.

Bishop Agnelo commented that the success of St. John Technical & Educational Campus was due to students’ performance in academics, sports, co-curricular activities along with inculcating good moral value and ethics. He cautioned the students against the “7 Deadly Sins” cited by Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Wealth Without Work
  • Pleasure Without Conscience

  • Knowledge Without Character

  • Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)

  • Science Without Humanity

  • Religion Without Sacrifice

  • Politics Without Principle

Bishop Agnelo urged the students to compete with themselves as when you compete with others they become the measures. When you compete with yourself and excel, you become the measure and then you give out your best in whatever you do. He mentioned that there is a “Scintilla” (spark) within everyone.

Bishop Agnelo ended his address by blessing the students for their future.


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