International Yoga Day : Awareness Programme

Date : 21st June 2016

Time : 2: 30 pm To 4:00 pm

St. John Technical and Educational Campus celebrated International Yoga day with Teaching and Non- Teaching staff on 21.06.2016 in MMS hall. Mr. Sachin Urade - NSS Co-ordinator, St. John Technical and Educational Campus, Palghar – NSS Units (Engineering & Pharmacy) arranged the resource person. The programme started at 2:30pm. 50 teaching and non-teaching staff participated in the programme. The programme was conducted by Dr. Aneel Morey and he was accompanied by his assistants Ms. Shweta Patil and Nirma More.


Dr. Aneel Morey: He has done B.A.M.S, M.A, Certificate and diploma courses in yoga. Dr. Aneel Morey has worked as Medical Yoga Consultant and lecturer in yoga, for the past 32 years. He has delivered hundreds of lectures related to yoga in different schools, societies, Medical Associations, Medical colleges, Banks, etc. He has also worked for 6 years as Head of Department in Mumbai for yoga. He has worked both in rural & urban areas of Maharashtra. At present, he is running Ambika Yogic Health Centre and practicing as a Family Physician at Alyali, Palghar.


The programme started with a welcome and introductory speech by Mr. Sachin Urade. Thereafter Dr. Aneel Morey enlightened the staff about benefits of yoga if started at an early age. He said that yoga is good for staff in increasing concentration, stamina, immunity, improved memory & balanced brain hemisphere. Practicing yoga can make one preserve and control his / her health.


International Yoga Day has a protocol to be followed and Dr. Aneel Morey too followed the same. He started the yoga session with a prayer which was recited by Teaching and Non- Teaching staff. Before reciting the prayer he made the staff understand the meaning of the prayer. After prayer one minute of meditation was practiced, where the staff were asked to concentrate on their breathing.


Dr. Aneel Morey spread awareness on yoga with below mentioned Sukshama Vyayama Methods:

1) Bending of neck: BENEFITS:

a) Backward and Forward (Good effect on Nervous system.)

b) Left and Right (Flexible spine.)

c) Twisting of the neck (Good for Patient suffering from Blood Pressure and heart disease.)

d) Rotation of the neck (Good for Thyroid gland and tonsillitis.)

2) Sitting on Knees

3) Twisting of spine

4) Tadasana

5) Vrukshasana

6) Padahastasana

7) Ardhachakrasana

8) Bhadrasana

9) Vajrasana

10) Ustrasana

11) Shashankasana

12) Vakrasana

13) Bhujangasana

14) Ardhalasana

15) Makarasana

16) Pavanmuktasana

17) Shravasana

18) Kapalbhati


After the above yoga asanas, Dr. Aneel Morey asked the staff to meditate for 5 minutes .


The Yoga Day celebration ended with Vote of thanks by Mr. Anil D’Sa. Dr. Ashok Dhale presented mementos to Dr. Aneel Morey and his team and thanked them for helping us gain knowledge and importance of yoga in our life.


All staff appreciated the yoga awareness session. They found the information and the knowledge given by Dr. Aneel Morey beneficial for their health and mind.


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