Health and Hygiene, Cleanliness Drive

Health and Hygiene, Cleanliness Drive

Date: 23th SEPT 2017

Participants: NSS Volunteers of SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS NSS Units.

Time: 08:30 am to 12:00 pm

Place: Aabacha pada Zilla Parishad School, Aabcha pada, Palghar

Bhendi pada Zilla Parishad, Bhendi pada, Palghar

ST. John Technical campus - NSS Units ( SJCEM,SJIPR,SJCHS) , always believes in encouraging students for cleanliness and hygiene. They always carry out many drives and programmes for spreading the awareness more and more especially more in the interior areas like Zilla Parishad schools and pathsallas. Health and Hygiene drives are very important for sections of our society as they are not aware of all facts. Such drives gives opportunity to everyone to live a healthy and hygiene life. One of such occasion was organized on 23rd September 2017 at Aabacha pada Zilla Parishad School and Bhendi pada Zilla Parishad School, Palghar by the NSS units of ST. John Technical campus. Thanks, for the teaching authorities for fully co-operating and allowing us to carry out the drive.


Around 60 Students from the NSS units, divided into two groups of 30 students of SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS came together to carry out the Cleanliness and Hygiene Drive at the village primary school. The village was around 12 kms from the main town and all volunteers made sure they all participated in this event. The main motto of this drive was to make the little children aware of the cleanliness and hygiene methods. They used paper soap and nail cutters for demonstration of methods of keeping ourselves clean. Every member along with all the students seemed to be very excited for this event.


There were around 70 students present in each of the Zilla Parishad School. Event started with the introduction to the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. All were given the awareness on cleanliness & hygiene. The communication barrier was taken care off and fluent speakers took the task of passing the message to little kids present in the school.


Also, many games were conducted i.e Kho-Kho, Passing the mark along with songs and dance. All students participated enthusiastically. Not only the students but also volunteers participated in all the games. The atmosphere was very exiting & enlightening the honesty and determination of students. After the games, students were taught various methods to keep the premise clean. They were demonstrated various methods and solution for dealing with the garbage around. All the volunteers and students cleaned the surrounding areas of school and villages and collected the garbage to be proper disposed in a place. All the students were very active and participated with full enthusiasm.


Last but not the least, all the students were taught how to clean their hands properly with soaps they were instructed to do the same at their home and spread the message of cleanliness and hygiene and practice it too. Everyone was then given an opportunity to present their skills and talents and it proved to be one of the most amazing sessions of the event. Every student enjoyed and learned to a great extent. All this became possible with the determination and willingness of the volunteers and the school authorities.


Thus a great event came to an end with thanking each other and with a group photo of all the students, school staff and the NSS team. The credit goes to all the management and authorities who made this possible and to all the students who willingly participated in this event with great excitement and willingness.


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