Rally On Non-Violence & Beach Cleanliness Drive

Rally On Non-Violence & Beach Cleanliness Drive

Participants : NSS Volunteers of SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS

Date : 2nd October, 2017

Time : 8:00 am to 10:00 am

Venue : Kelve Beach, Dist: - Palghar , (West)

Organized by : Prof. Maqsood Memon, Mr. Sachin Urade, Prof. Amol Gholap

The students of St. John Technical Campus , Palghar – NSS Units ( SJCEM,SJIPR, SJCHS) , had participated in the Rally on Non Violence and Kelve Beach Cleanliness Drive which was organized by Palghar District Zilla Parishad, approved by Forest Department, Palghar on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October, 2017. It was conducted on behalf of “ Maha Swachhta Abhiyan”.

Along with government officials Various Schools and colleges from Palghar Taluka also participated in this Drive. NSS students from SDSM College, Students of Zilla Parishad and St. John Technical Campus – NSS Units (SJCEM, SJIPR,SJCHS) . A total of 50 NSS Volunteers had participated in this drive. Zilla Parishad Palghar had provided the volunteers with the handgloves and garbage carrying bags. The students were very enthusiastic about the Cleanliness Drive.

The objective of this drive was to Create awareness about hygiene and sanitation of the surrounding areas and maintain the cleanliness around the beach.

Surabhi Gharat (NSS Volunteer) of SJCHS thanked all the participants on behalf of the NSS units for making the drive Successful.


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