Run Marathon

Run Marathon

Name: St. John Technical Campus – NSS units (SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS)

Date: 17th SEPT 2017

Participants: NSS Volunteers of ( SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS).

Time: 06:30 am to 11:00 am

Place: Hutatama Chauki, Palghar

ST. John Technical campus – NSS units (SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS) always encourages for social athletic events like marathons, sports etc. One of this occasion was the RUN MARATHON organised by Impact Cluster group at Palghar. Maharashtra Yuva Krida Mandal had organized “Impact Cluster” marathon for people of all ages at Palghar. There were arrangement made at vast level at Panchbatti memorial. The NSS volunteers also took part and served with helping hands in order to make this event successful. NSS volunteers from St. John Technical Campus contributed greatly for this event to be successful.

All the NSS members were at the event place right from half past six in the morning. Everyone was excited and determined to participate in their first major NSS event. Not only volunteers from Palghar but also from Virar, Vasai, Boisar, and Saphale participated in this event. They took the job of noting down the marathon runners, handling the traffic during marathon and making sure everything was right ,up to the mark. They were not only responsible but also made sure that the marathon participants were Confident.

It was quite a tough job to get the things done correctly as it was organised for the first time. But they were filled determination and with faithfulness carry on the responsibilities it was successful one. Hundreds of people took part in this marathon. There were many categories in this marathon as per age and distance. The winners were awarded.

Every volunteer took the job of making sure that each of deserving marathon runners got their number entered into the list as per the marathon criteria. They made it sure that the candidates were in the list. It was not an easy task to register all the candidates as they were very large in numbers. But efforts of each personnel brought the success because of hard work and determination. Also, the organization made it sure every volunteer was given the required material to get the job done.

This experience must have proved to be very fruitful for the new enrolled volunteers as it was their first task of National Service Scheme. They became aware of responsibilities and the unity required to get the plans executed properly. This was just the first step in the Service scheme they have shown great determination to be part of. Everyone came to know the team better and as we all know the importance of team spirit and dignity of labour in Carrying on such Social Service. The first step seemed to be a very best task and everybody enjoyed it thoroughly.

This was a great event for the NSS volunteers and hope to see such events in future too.




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