Rally On Conservation Of Forest - At Palghar

Rally On Conservation Of Forest - At Palghar

Participants : NSS Volunteers of SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS

Date : 7th October, 2017

Time : 8:30 am to 10:30 pm

Venue : Aryan ground, Dist: - Palghar , (West)

The students of St. John Technical Campus , Palghar – NSS units ( SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS) had participated in the rally organized by the forest department for conservation of forest in wildlife.

The rally was inaugurated by the forest department and there were the officers of the forest department who cooperated with the students to make public aware about the importance of the forest conservation

Along with government officials Various Schools and colleges from Palghar Taluka also participated in this rally. NSS students from St John Technical Campus – NSS units ( SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS) and the students from different schools were involved in this rally. A total of 45 NSS Volunteers participated in the rally. The students were very enthusiastic to participate in the rally. They shouted slogan which made the public to be attracted towards the importance of conservation of forest and wildlife. The rally was started from the Aryan ground to Panchbatti and from Panchbatti to Kacheri road and then returned back to the destination. Almost all the areas of Palghar were covered to convey the conversation message to the people.

The objective of this drive was to create awareness on the conservation of forest and wildlife through the medium of a rally. Forest conservation department arranged breakfast for the students after completion of the programme.

Ms. Priyal Gandhi of SJCHS thanked all the participants on behalf of the NSS units for making the rally Successful.